Game of Thrones 8x05 Reaction Part 1

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part 2 will be up in a few hours
i am sorry for making you wait this long to post and im even more sorry that you waited for this shit reaction cause we really barely talk or move or anything cause i don't even know what to tell you about our feelings and thoughts. i think the fandom is pretty divided about this episode cause for some it was good and made sense and for others it was more than disappointing. we clearly fall in the latter and if you don't im really happy for you cause watching this episode felt shitty.
this is part 1, part 2 is coming and the review is there but really don't watch it cause we didn't want to wait to come up with reasonable sentences cause we wanted to get it over with.
so ill touch on a few things here cause i know what comments are coming
first jaime, who has been one of our all time favorite characters got a really shitty last episode in our opinion. the line about him not caring about innocent people really bothered us cause it couldn't be farther from the truth of who his character was. we were also really disappointed that he just want back to cersei, i don't want to say that it doesn't make sense, cause their relationship has always been at the center of his story but we felt that his character deserved a better end because he had one of the greatest progressions of any tv show. so that really hurt us. i really don't think i've ever cried from disappointment but it happens here and its mostly got to do with how his story wrapped up.
and now dany, i don't know even where to go with that. i know that it was foreshadowed, there were hints through the seasons about this being the storyline but for us they didn't explore it enough before flipping the switch and letting her kill thousands of people. again it was a really shitty way to write a character we've been watching for years.
other things we disliked in this season was jon being sidelined and not even dealing with the life altering realization that he's a targaryen. a lot of other stories felt really rushed, so many things that were foreshadowed never came to be, no prophecy meant anything....i don't know, i need to stop im getting mad again.
if you've enjoyed this season im really glad for you, we couldn't, we'll see what next episode brings, i would be lying if i said i was excited but we'll see. thanks for reading if you did xx

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