How Did the Viking Age Start in Frisia? | History of the Netherlands c. 700 - 810 AD

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The Vikings are famous for their raids in Britain and Ireland, making places like Lindisfarne and York, Dublin and Wexford famous names for people into shows like Vikings on HBO and The Last Kingdom on the BBC/Netflix. But somewhere that doesn't get a lot of attention in the Viking Age is the Netherlands, known as Frisia during this time, even though they have a fascinating Viking Age History of their own from Holland to Friesland. In this video I'll be looking at how the Viking Age started in Frisia, what the situation was in the Low Countries in the Migration Era and the Frankish Conquest over King Redbad's pagan kingdom and how this spilled over into the Viking Age with Danish King Godfred's first raid on Dorestad in 810.

This video is being made in connection with the Leeuwarden Cultural Capital 2028 Project and is part of a series on the Viking Age in the Netherlands that will be hosted here on my channel History With Hilbert.

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Annals of St Bertin
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Annals of Fulda
Frankish Annals
Life of St Boniface

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