How to GoVaHo W/Wo Queen Walk - TH10 3 Star Attack Strategy | Th10 GoVaHo | Th10 Best war GoHoBo coc

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A GoVaHo Tutorial for TH10 3 Stars in Clash of Clans. This CoC Attack Strategy is amazing! The TH10 3 Star Attacks featured from the war are broken down to form this guide video. Base layout and keys for success are discussed. I hope it helps some of you. Let me know your favourite Town Hall 10 attack strategy in Clash of Clans. I personally enjoy the Dragons but Bowler Witch, GoVaHo, is a combination that is one of the best and always top of the meta game and leads onto Town Hall 11 gameplay and TH11 vs TH10 dip attacks. Clash On!

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How to GoVaHo W/Wo Queen Walk - TH10 3 Star Attack Strategy | Th10 GoVaHo | Th10 Best war GoHoBo coc

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