I tried beating God of War With Only BOY - Part 1 of 2

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God of War is truly an amazing game. But can BOY win Kratos' respect? Or will he forever be a disappointment? This GOW gameplay was played on PS4. Follow me on Twitter @danteravioli and Instagram @danteravioliyt for new updates, funny pictures of me and other cool things.

The new God of War game (GOW 4) didn't win game of the year for nothing. With the brilliant relationship building between Kratos and his son Atreus, throwing Freya and Baldur into the mix, and then fitting everything together by more or less lining it all up with Norse mythology makes this a truly riveting tale. BUT I play videogames differently than most people. Today, instead of getting through the game with purely Kratos' muscle definition alone, I put that burden on my boy. Basically I'll be relying on my boy for the entire challenge. I'll be sitting back with my shield in hand while he defeats all sorts of enemies with his bow, his melee attacks, and his runic summons. Can Atreus impress me? Will Freya ever realize my feelings towards her? And did I break my PS4 controller when I threw it for the video? Find out by watching the video.

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