Imperator Rome World Conquest and Achievement run - ep30

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Imperator Rome achievement and world conquest run.

Welcome to my Imperator Rome world conquest and achievement run! The Demetrius patch is now live and improves the game in a lot of ways. In this series we will try to get several achievements and we try to go for a world conquest.

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Achievements we go for:

* Mare Nostrum - As Rome, own every city adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea.

* Cincinnatus - Appoint a Dictator, and have the same Dictator voluntarily stand down.

* Do Not Disturb My Circles - Research 40 inventions.

* What have the Romans ever done for us? - As Rome, own and have at least 70 Civilization Value in every city within the Palestine region.

* Punic Ascendance - Own, or have a subject own all of Hispania.

* Times New Roman - As Rome, conquer the cities of Cariala, Italica, and Aquae Helveticae.

* Over 9000! - Have at least 9000 pops.

* Carthago Delenda Est - As Rome, own and sack the city of Carthage.

* Imperial Ambition - Adopt the Empire government form.

* Envy of the World - Have any owned city with 100 or more Civilization Value.

* Pax Aeterna - Conquer the world.


Imperator: Rome’s features include:

Character Management - A living world of characters with varying skills and traits that will change over time. They will lead your nation, govern your provinces and command your armies and fleets. We also introduce our new, more human-like character art.

Diverse Populations - Citizens, freemen, tribesmen and slaves - each population with its own culture and religion. Whether they fill your armies, fill your coffers or fill your colonies, keep an eye on their happiness - your success depends on their satisfaction.

Battle Tactics - Choose your approach before battle to counter the stratagems of your foes.

Military Traditions - Each culture has a unique way of waging war. Romans and Celts have different options available to them. Unlock unique bonuses, abilities and units.

Different Government Types - Manage the senate in a Republic, hold your court together in a monarchy, answer to the clans in a tribal system.

Barbarians and Rebellions - Migrating barbarians may sack or settle your best land, while disloyal governors or generals can turn against you - taking their armies with them!

Trade - Goods provide bonuses to their home province. Will you take advantage of stockpiles for local strength or trade excess goods to spread the wealth around?

Provincial Improvement - Invest in buildings, roads and defences to make your kingdom stronger and richer.



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