Neverwinter Mod 19 - Fiend Forged Gear Restoration Guide Treasure Maps Drop Rate Nerf Northside

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This is my guide how to restore infernal forged gear from mod 18 to fiend forged one. I show entire procedure, how and where to get the reagents for the restoration and also since alot of gear has been removed, for now, from the collections i opted for these boots to use do understand this gear is not so popular however it is there and maybe somebody will find it i needed all reagents for full video guide and now that i have it this is my last pre launch video before neverwinter mod 19 avernus is live on june 30th when the release date still is, and i dont think it will be i am still geting drops for hunts so i discussed abit about that, and also i have to say that drop rate of avernus mod 19 treasure maps have been, in my opinion, heavily reduced or nerfed so it is how it is.
All and every video i made, even tho i said in disclaimer is subject to a change will be adjusted if needed as usuall as i did with the blood war they revert the new gear that i showcased in one of my videos even better if not well, it is how it is, i`m still working on alot of stuff.
Thank you for watching, northside.

Special thanks to Stefan for full edit and thumbnail.

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