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Two games featuring Old Robots (with modules and newer weapons) DESTROYING Newer Meta Robots In Champion League. Both games were warmup games before my Sunday live stream with clan VØX where we run older robots with new weapons and modules to battle it out against randoms and squads in Champion League on iOS. In my first game on Castle map I also managed to score over 2.2 Million Damage - not bad for old robots. For those wanting to watch the live stream, you can find it here: https://youtu.be/7t3l2USqff4

Music Provided by Monstercat
Track 1: Malicious by Slippy
Track 2: Here (feat. Anna Yvette) by Eminence
Track 3: Resurrection of the Dagger by Varien

Adrian’s Past Live Streams: https://goo.gl/jhKy5X
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