Uncommon Sense In Trucking + Life | Red Viking | Werewolf | RVT | Make Better Decisions | New Normal

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Uncommon Sense In Trucking + Life | Red Viking | Werewolf | RVT | Make Better Decisions | New Normal

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Follow me on my cdl big rig 18 wheel big rig CDL commercial truck driving adventures across the southeastern United States

This channel is for new or experienced CDL 18 wheel truck drivers, and discusses all topics related to big rig truck driving:

CDL school Tips

CDL DMV exams

CDL Medical exams

Sliding Tandems on an 18 Wheeler trailer

Sliding fifth wheel on a CDL big rig tractor

Handling winter driving conditions in an 18 wheeler

Pre trip inspections for CDL drivers

Trip planning for a CDL truck driver

Interview with experienced successful truck drivers

CDL Tanker Drivers

CDL Flatbed Drivers

CDL Refrigerated Drivers (Reefers)

CDL Dry Van Drivers

CDL Intermodal Drivers (Port freight)

and so much more

You can find TONS of useful CDL 18 wheel truck driving tips, content and even a live coaching call option on our website below

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