Valkyrie Queen Sigrun Kill - Hardest Difficulty | God of War

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Wanted to toss up this fight - "Just you'll see" lol

I was def trash talking the Valkyrie fights during my playthrough on Give Me God of War difficulty (the hardest one). These fights are the best in the game, don't get me wrong; I was only trash talking because my chat kept hyping up how "hard they were," however, I blitzed through almost every one within a few tries.

Then the Valkyrie Queen. DEF a whole other beast. She combines every move from every previous Valkyrie fight, at a quicker pace, with random combos linked together. Oh yeah, and a SINGLE mistake or misread and you're basically dead. I did make one mistake here, I misread a lunging stab attack; thankfully it's one of her "easier to recover from" attacks, so I was able to recover just like that.

This fight took me over 3 hours and over 40 deaths, making it BY FAR the most difficult boss fight in the game for me. I ran a strength, runic, defense, vitality build. Not the most optimal, but it allowed me to hit hard(er). I used the MIST armor set from Nippleheim and various healing abilities. Health seemed most important to me, as I played this nice and slow. Once again, this is my first ever God of War game and I'm playing on Give Me God of War difficulty.

Strategy: Wait for her to make a move, read the combo, attack when combo is over. EZ haha.

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