Vikings War of Clans - Spend 6 billion resources in 3 minutes gain 250 mln influence

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Vikings War of Clans spend 6 billion resources in 3 minutes gain 250 mln influence

At level 50, the hero has a total of 256 main skill points plus 20 main skill points if you have Hero's Abode upgraded at level 21. Since July 2016 update, the maximum level of your hero is 60 with a total of 470 main skill points plus 20 main skill points if you have Hero's Abode upgraded at level 26.

This table shows the number of experience points (XP) needed to reach that level from the previous level and the awards granted for each level of the hero.

The Palace is the first and main building of your town. Each upgrade of the palace unlocks many upgrades of your buildings and it is advised to upgrade your palace as soon as possible when all other require building upgrades are done.

If your palace is of level 5 or less, you can use the Novice's Relocation to move your town to another kingdom.

The Palace gives the Jarl access to the player's profile, with the possibility to modify some information such as town name, the Hero's name and design. It also provides many useful statistics on resources (for example, food production and consumption), attacks, defences, reinforcements as well as the hero.

The Palace is the most expensive and slowest building to upgrade in your town.

Building requirements: for each upgrade level, it is necessary to have a Wall upgraded to the same level of your Palace before you can launch the upgrade, and therefore a Forge and a Mine of the same level.

On top of that, there are some other specific requirements for a few palace levels. For instance, it is necessary to have upgraded infirmary to level 6 if you want to start palace upgrade to level 7. It is necessary to upgrade Shrine of Odin to level 10 before upgrading palace to level 11 (and 18 for level 19). It is necessary to have upgraded Watchtower to level 19 before you can start upgrading Palace to level 20. And a few more, see the table below.

When you upgrade the Palace, you get a special bonus reward which is the Jarl's coffer, usually containing some materials and boosters.

You can only have one Palace, and can't demolish it.

Each 4 or 5 palace level upgrades, your town's illustration on the Global Map is changed to show the appearance of your new palace.

Did you know that a higher level of your palace may help you to obtain knowledge and lower building time? In "Help Clansmen" you can "help" your friends with their project. Each person that hits your Help button lowers the time left 1% (or minimum by 1 minute). The higher level your palace have, the more of your friends can help. The number of friends that can help are the palace level + 4. If your palace is level 10 then 14 clan members can give you help and thus lowering the time with 14% which are quite good. That saves a day in a 7 day project.

NOTE/warning: You can buy Diamond Knifes for removal of a mounted gem - note that this knife can only be used ONCE. Since you are offered to buy a range of knifes, but only from the minimum type of knife up to Legendary Diamond Knife, you get the impression that a more expensive knife would be better - but it is not so. Buying a higher type of knife is just a waste of Gold. Only the lowest possible grade of knife are the one you need and you can only use it once!

The knife level is supposed to determine what the highest level gem is you can safely remove without destroying the gem in the process. So for example if you have applied an unusual gem and wish to save it rather then destroying the gem you need the apropriate level knife. That said im not aware of the lower level knives either working to remove gems or if there is a chance of the gem being saved from the use of lower grade knives. You also have the option of just choosing to destroy the gem which doesnt require a knife.

You can obtain materials to make pieces of equipment for the hero in the forge building. There are two types of materials : standard materials can be obtained in different ways and are used to make standard hero equipment, while invader's materials used to forge invader's equipment can only be found fighting invaders or looting invader's lairs.

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