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Hello to every fellow commander and thanks for tuning in!
In this video I will be presenting gameplay featuring the new robot Shell on test server. Hope you enjoy!
Shell is a further development of the DSC engineers' defensive concept. The hull is surrounded by durable physical shields, and a special energy core is located in the center. Thanks to it, this walking fortress can make short sprints to key points, while the excess heat generated by the core can damage and knockback enemies that came too close.

Shell lvl 8 MK1 stats:
Hull Durability:
Speed: 44 km / h
Shields: 490k (in total, from all sides)
Reactor Explosion power: 30k
Slots: 1 Heavy + 2 Light


Atom. Robot gets a temporary speed boost and at the end of it explodes, damaging and knocking back all the enemies in the area of effect.
Cooldown: 7 sec.
Radius: 75 m.

The robot also has 8 Physical Shields.
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